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[ENG] MapMaker 2019 - Rules
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General rules

1. The contest is organized by the "Akademia Wojny" portal (further called as"Portal") at www.heroes3.eu.
2. The goal of this contest is to prepare a map (scenario) for Heroes of Might and Magic 3.
3. There will be two stages:
a. Stage I: sending maps, up to June 30
b. Stage II: evaluation of maps, from July 1 to September 30
4. The results will be announced in the first week of October 2019.
5. Infringement of the regulations will results in disqualification from the contest (ie removing maps submitted for the contest).
6. Each user can report to the Organizer a "fraud" or plagiarism.
By "fraud" we mean sending a mpa of another author to the contest. In this case enter the address of the page on which the oryginal map is located. The Organizer checks whether the map is identical and wheter it is possible to determine who the author is (any signature on the site or on the map). In case of positive verification of the application, the participant map is removed from the contest. Submissions are accepted in the relevant topic on the Portal forum and verified until the day when the results are announced. The final decision belongs to the Organizer.
7. Awards for the highest rated mapmakers and the most active reviewers will be revealed at 1 May - day of the official start of the contest.

[ Dodano: 2019-01-23, 23:29 ]
Stage I - sending maps

1. Only the logged-in user can send a map for the contest - in case of not having an account on the Portal, you must register first.
2. The map should be sent via www.heroes3.eu/upload section, by choosing the "Contest map" option and accepting these regulations.
3. The map can not be published before the contest starts. As publishin, we mean sharing a map file (.h3m), photo or video that directly shows the map.
4. There are no restrictin in relation to the size, level of difficulty, terrain construction, placed objects, plot, etc., however, it can not infrigement the Portal's regulations.
5. The participant may send a maximum of 3 maps.
6. Updating the maps by the author is possible only during the first stage.
7. Until stage II all maps will be on the closed list, this means it won't be possible to download or evaluate them.
8. Map authors will be hidden until the end of the stage II.
9. Each map will be pre-verified by a group of contest moderators. Very poor map will not be accepted in the contest. Moderators have the right to remove the map from the contest up to three days after the end of the first stage. The author will have the opportunity to improve the scenario until the end of stage I.

[ Dodano: 2019-01-23, 23:29 ]
Stage II - maps evaluation

1. Map evaluation (hereinafter "review") consists of a numerical evaluation from 1 to 5 (possible half marks, e.g. 3.5) and a descriptive justification of the assessment.
2. The reason for the assessment must be factual, i.e. arguments should be provided (eg advantages / disadvantages) which explain the choice of the numerical evaluation. Review like "Cool map.", "Poor map 2/5" will not be taken into account in the final ranking. The justification should also include instruction for the author about what should be changed on the map in order to receive the highest rating. The review will have an option to include screenshots and record of the game (which would increaase its value), however it is not required.
3. Contest moderators have the right to evaluate maps, but they do not see the reviews of the other users. Two weeks before the end of the stage II, contest moderators lose the right to review the maps and start moderating the contest entries. Moderation should be understood as establishing reviews that do not meet the contest rules (in particular the previous point, i.e. Stage II - assessment of the maps, point 2). The review will be removed if at least two contest moderators consider the review to be inconsistent with the rules.
4. The contest moderation consist of Mbehemot, Michael and NewYear.
5. The contest moderator can not be the author of any map.
6. The user can only rate each map once.
7. The user may edit review until the end of the second stage of the contest.
8. The contest participant can not evaluate his own map.
9. Reviews will be hidden for all users (including map authors) until the end of the second stage. During evaluation, only the number of reviews will be known.
10. The Portal reserves the right to remove reviews in case of infringement of these regulations.
11. After completing stage II, the Portal will publish the final ranking, which will show the best maps, rankes according to the average numerical evaluation (1st place map with the highest average, last place map with the lowest average).
12. Map must have at least 5 reviews to be included in the final ranking.

[ Dodano: 2019-01-24, 14:41 ]
Thanks a lot to Heroes3 who has helped with translation of the original contest rules.
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